Turkish Knot vs Persian Knot

There are several types of knots, some are named after certain areas.

 The Turkish, or Ghiordes, knot is wrapped around two adjacent warps so that the ends emerge in the space between them, this knot has come to be called, the symmetric knot. Turkish Knots:

The Persian, or Senneh, knot wraps around one warp with the yarn passing behind the adjacent warp so that it collars the warps exactly as a single uncovered warp divides the two pile ends, this knot has come to be called the asymmetric knot. Persian Knots:

The Turkish knot grips the warp threads more firmly yet allows for less fine curvilinear designs.

The Persian knot allows for more knots to be contained within a given area, and therefore, is used for more curvilinear and detailed designs.

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