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Sometimes rugs can be tricky.

When deciding where to place your carpet, make sure that the surface of the selected point is clean, dry and smooth.

This measure allows to avoid the typical domestic accidents, in which one slips or stumbles with the carpet, which is very frequent if there are children running around the house.mother's Day coupon

The best option would be to not place any type of object for a long time over your carpet. Since often this can not be avoided, in the case of very sharp and sharp objects, it is recommended to use Coasters for furniture. These, in fact, allow to distribute the weight over a wider area.

4'1" x 5'11" Indo Flat Weave Rug



It is strongly discouraged to support pots or vases directly on the carpet, since, due to the humidity and the absence of air between the floor and the carpet, this could end up having mold. For this reason, it is highly advisable to frequently lift the object in question so that the air can circulate between it and the carpet.


Once you have finally found the most suitable place for your carpet, we recommend turning it 180 degrees every six months, as long as the size of the carpet allows it.

In this way, it will ensure that the wear of the carpet is uniform over the entire surface and that, when you decide to put the carpet in a new position, it does not appear worn only on one side.


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