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How to Clean Rugs of Natural Fibers

Rugs Will Get Dirty, Guaranteed.

This is why we want to share simple tips to keep them as clean as possible.NYC Rug cleaning

Among natural fibers, in addition to wool, silk and cotton, jute and sisal must also be included.

However, during the treatment, the viscose, although produced synthetically from cellulose, is also used as an extremely sensitive natural fiber. In case you have already been advised to waterproof your carpet with a specific protection spray, designed to protect it from moisture and dirt, forget about this option when it comes to natural fiber carpets.

In fact, in this way, its characteristic and healthy properties for the environment would be destroyed, such as its extraordinary regulation of the air quality of the room in which it is located.

This would be due to the fact that the fibers would no longer be able to absorb or deliberate moisture.

In general, you should also be careful with alkaline detergents, such as:

  1. Hard soap
  2. Bile soap
  3. Green soap
  4. Stain removers
  5. Soda
  6. Soap lye
  7. Ammonia

These products, in fact, degrease, whiten and damage the fibers of the carpet.

In particular, when cleaning the carpet, it is important to distinguish between fibers of animal origin and those of plant origin.

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