In the matter of rugs it works in a similar way to clothing.

Not only does each person have a different taste from the others,

but also that, when washing clothes, each garment needs a specific treatment that is not what the other clothes need. So what should be done?

In general, the rule is always that if something happens to your carpet, as for example if a stain appears, you need to be quick. In any case, always keep in mind one thing: Never Rub!

What to do then?

7'11" x 10' Turkish Patchwork Rug

Try to remove the stain as much as possible with the vacuum cleaner and also help with a cotton cloth or with paper towels to remove the liquid present on the surface of the carpet. Repeat the same several times, even with some pressure and, eventually, even in the back, until no longer presents any type of liquid in the carpet .

No doubt and in any case, avoid rubbing, because, if you did, you would end up incorporating some external substances between the fibers of the carpet.

In addition, even the typical trick, according to which you would have to spread salt on the wine stains, could actually seriously damage the color of your carpet. OUCH!

After having vacuumed over the liquid, if possible, it is recommended to take a cotton cloth, use it to moisten the stain with a little baby shampoo, and then let it absorb throughout the night. It is advisable to use the shampoo for children because of its extreme delicacy, unlike many other products, even the most specific ones, which can be too aggressive for the fibers of the carpet.

On the other hand,

when you want to remove a stain, you should also avoid moistening the carpet excessively, because in this case there is a risk of increasing the size of the stain. When trying to remove the stain from the carpet, in any case, the following general rule must be taken into account: it is always advisable to start from the edge and move slowly towards the center.
On the other hand, if solid substances that can not be removed with a vacuum cleaner have fallen on the carpet, we recommend you try to remove them with a spoon.

Other ingredients people try:

Baking soda.wine carpet nycrugs

Club Soda.


Ice water.

Rubbing alcohol. 

Hydrogen peroxide.

Dish detergent. 

The general idea is to quickly damp the wine with another liquid so it does not stain the carpet. Then apply a color safe fabric or sponge to absorb everything with pressure. Use as many fabrics as possible. Leave one over night with paper towels and something to pressure the cloth over the stain until next day to keep absorbing the wet spot.

We also remind you that every time you try to clean your carpet on your own, unfortunately you will always risk damaging it even more.

That is the beauty of the hand-knotted rugs, they can keep looking great for almost a 100 years if taken care of properly.

To be on the safest side, just give us a call and lets us arrange a rug cleaning for you. The whole rug will be cleaned and washed to be bring back to life the colors and any damage repair.

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For example, we just cleaned this hand made rug. Who could guess this is a rug from 1926, 92 YEARS OLD looks like new.

hand-knotted rug clean

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