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Do Machine-made Rugs Have More KPSI than Handmade Ones?

First of all what is KPSI?

Knots Per Square Inch, is a quality measure used to determine knot density in Oriental Rugs.

9'2" x 11'10" Fine Indo Serapi Rug


They do in general have fewer kpsi, but that’s usually because they’re mass produced and designed to have a lower cost and a higher output. The more detailed the production, the higher the setup and running cost of machinery.
Mass production is almost always a case of quantity over quality.

Some machines can produce carpets of more that 2400 kpsi, but it costs about the same as a handmade one of similar quality and people would rather buy the handmade ones because they retain their value and often increase over a long period.



Handmade carpets or Rugs are thousand times high durable as compared to machine made carpet. You cannot use a machine made carpet more than a couple of  years, but handmade carpets can last over 100 years and still look great without losing color.


The quality of the stitches and sewing in the hand-woven rugs is above par, due to which it is generally more expensive than a machine-made rug. The durability of a hand-woven rug is high as compared to a machine- made rug, which also constitutes a reason for the hand-made rugs to be priced greater than a machine-made rug.

Textures and back of the rug:

Machine-made rugs are mostly fine and consistent in the texture and designs of the rug, while a hand-woven rug can be customized according to one’s desire and wishes. Machine-made rugs lack the feature of unpredictability and surprise which can be obtained from a hand-woven rug.

Process duration:

A handmade carpet is woven approx. one year and sometimes more than one year.  The process duration of handmade carpet depends on size and color combination of carpet. Machine made carpet is woven approx. 2-5 hours.


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